Our Mission

We are committed to creating a leading platform that SMBs can find a stable and convenient way to hire micro-influencers excellent in SEO and ASO, and micro-influencers can breezily get order on UGFlock.

User Comment

I can't imagine that there are such useful tools to help me accomplish my number of users.I can't do without such convenient tools

A developer from App Store

I have been using their SEO service for a long time, which is stable, convenient and well served.It is of great help to my company.

A growth marketer

I've heard about UGFlock from friends, and I've been using it since the early days of my business, and now I have got nearly a million users. 

A co-founder of a tech company

Company Profile

UGFlock is a trusted platform between SMBs and micro-influencers. SMBs can find a easy way to hire micro-influencers for marketing, and micro-influencers are given full play to their advantages.

Along the way, over 1000 micro-influencers have established cooperative relationship with UGFlock. Most of them have extensive experience in Technology、Marketing、SEO、Advertising、User Growth or other fields. And more than 400 SMBs got unbelievable results.

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